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Market Research

Market research is the core of our digital marketing deliverables, and it informs all digital strategy surrounding your target audience identification and their buying behaviors.
With a wide assortment of proprietary research and SEO tools, we pinpoint not only the major segments, but also the detailed persona archetypes, your target audience members, and their online behaviors and patterns.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding your online competition and exactly why and where it outperforms your business is a crucial component to building a successful digital marketing campaign.
We identify your search and social media competitors and meticulously examine their client personas, key comparable ranking signals, and offline strategies to gain the most insight possible into exactly how and where to focus time and effort.

Tracking & Data Analytics

Many digital marketing firms scrutinize over analytical data in a vacuum. The digital marketers view, implement SEO changes, and blindly test down the road, hoping for a boost in conversions and traffic.
At Sarvottam, our digital marketing team works with designers and developers when analyzing data to make better, more informed decisions—from altering calls to action or improving page load speed—because the right solution isn’t always going to involve simple SEO adjustments.

Content Strategy

Our market research and competitor analysis allows us to develop informed information architecture and intuitive wayfinding and can confidently identify and create all elements to include on any webpage or in marketing campaigns.
And the content strategy and implementation is merely the beginning. Everything we create is tracked, tested, and analyzed, which allows us to continually identify exactly what is working and what might need improvement.

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